Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mommy's watching

Is placing a nannycam or using other parents to watch a nanny, like the site does, an invasion of nannies' privacy or is it a good method of controlling an otherwise uncontrollable job? The Time Out Kids of this month has an article about the surveillance of nannies.
Some parents like it, because they can finally check what is going on when they are not around. Apparently even some nannies like it, because it protects them against accusations of things they did not do. What does this say about trust in the relationship between parents and nannies?

mommy's watching

How is my nanny?
Where is my baby?

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Marie-Louise Oster said...

Recently a friend of mine found a group of nannies and mothers outside her apartment building. They asked if she knew the nanny who took care of the twin girls who lived in her building. They had followed the nanny and the girls since they saw her harassing the girls at the playground. They left the parents a note and asked my friend to tell them their story. I guess I would be happy there are people who watch, see, tell and take action when it comes to my children. You can always decide for yourself what to do with it.